Fashioning happiness - one customer at a time

Hear what some of our customers have to say about Gramercy Atelier below and watch our recent video on the made-to-measure process with Eve Johnson of Palm Beach. Mrs. Johnson was referred to us by one of our customers as she needed an outfit for an upcoming wedding.

Here is her story.



"Gramercy Atelier is always in style and made superbly! I can always count on Maria to have the best fabrics, the best fit, and most of all I feel comfortable wherever I go. Her clothes are fun and she is a true winner!" - Kitty Davis - Sea Island, Georgia

Noel Cooke in the Barga Jacket - Johns Island, Florida

"I love my Gramercy Atelier jackets. Each one that I have is special with wonderful details. I get compliments every time I wear one, even from strangers that just stop to tell me how much they love my jacket and ask who is the designer!" - Russell Holliday - Cashiers, North Carolina

Nora Cushing in the Newport Long Coat - Newport, Rhode Island

"Gramercy Atelier's jackets for women gain me compliments wherever I go. They are beautifully tailored and made of striking fabrics that are not seen anywhere else. I always feel special when wearing her clothing and look forward to each of her shows to see what new designs she has brought  to light.' - Kathleen Rivers - Charleston, South Carolina

Ann Peterson in a Custom Charles Burger Jacket - Key Largo, Florida

Debbie Pitts in the Barga Jacket - Nashville, Tennessee

Carolyn Arnold in the Barga Jacket - Boca Grande, Florida

Gloria Anderson in the Barga Jacket - Johns Island, Florida

Betty Pardee in the Barga Jacket - Newport, Rhode Island

The designer Nina Campbell with Harriet Holliday in the Charleston Jacket - Cashiers, North Carolina

Jane Troup in the Barga Jacket - Newport, Rhode Island

Mary Ann Wells in the Barga Jacket - Lake Forest, Illinois

"Thank you so much for the beautiful jacket and pants. I loved the outfit. Someone called me over the weekend to see where I got it. I was very happy to tell them you all. I am enclosing a few pictures of the jacket. Thanks so much for all your help. Fondly, Jane Chudina" - Mother of the Bride, Roanoke, Virginia

Anne Danis in a Newport Long Coat - Ladue, St. Louis

Georgia Bell in the Charleston Jacket - Charleston, South Carolina

Kate Lasker in the Barga Jacket - Newport, Rhode Island

Dog Days in St. Louis - the Grey Dogs Barga Jacket

"Returning the samples which were so helpful.

Thrilled with the silk jacket - as with the first two I ordered. Appreciate so much your "red carpet service" in all ways. Plan to be back - love Ms. Pucci's designs - amazing talent! Sincerely - L.S." - Lenoir Seelhorst - Houston, Texas

Laura Finn in the Barga Jacket - Delray Beach, Florida

Lisa Jankowski in the Marny Jacket - Palm Beach, Florida

Lucy Woodson and Shirley Turner in the Barga Jacket - Memphis, Tennessee

The Condie Family in Gramercy Atelier

"I love Maria's jackets and working with her - they always fit perfectly. I especially love that she makes my collars thicker. Above all, I love those buttons that she picks, I think that's a very special touch." - Joan Johnson - Coral Gables, Florida

Suzy Strawbridge in a Custom Jacket - Hobe Sound, Florida

Lisa Jankowski in the Giorgio Jacket - Palm Beach, Florida