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Maybe you live 100 miles from the nearest boutique or high-end clothing store. Maybe you live 1 mile away…but the idea of getting into your car, driving to the store, finding a parking spot, connecting with the right salesperson, and then not being overwhelmed by the countless different brands and options is daunting.

It can be a substantial time investment and there is no assurance of a good outcome: We know how you feel.

With a Gramercy Atelier remote consultation, we work with you at your convenience and minimize the amount of time you spend and help guide you.

You end up with a piece that is personalized for your taste, look and fit - and most importantly…is the right choice.

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Gramercy Atelier is always in style and made superbly! I can always count on Maria to have the best fabrics, the best fit, and most of all I feel comfortable wherever I go. Her clothes are fun and she is a true winner!

Kitty D., Sea Island, GA