Gramercy Atelier at the Met: Formal Dresses

There were several reasons that led to our choosing the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the venue for our latest shoot.

Photo Shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

Photo Shoot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

The Met occupies a dear place in both Maria’s heart and mine. For me, it comes with the territory of growing up as a native New Yorker who studied art history extensively and would visit as often as possible. The museum is part of my beloved city. I would love it even if it were not a leading cultural and visual art institution that the whole world recognizes.

Moreover, many literary works and popular shows feature the Metropolitan Museum’s unmistakable silhouette. As a backdrop, it is incredibly well-suited to many kinds of creative projects. Today, it is a symbol of art, history, and more recently, fashion. It seemed only fitting that we, too, should start off our new collection while standing in its shadow.

The opening pages of Goldfinch that Maria was reading took her right into the museum. Our muses Ellie and Alexandra were very much in sync when they visited us during a discussion on venues.

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An Icon that Attracts Throngs of Visitors

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an iconic destination to visit when one is in New York (almost as iconic as the Apple Store lol). From the time it was founded in 1870 it has grown into a goliath that covers more than two million square feet! No wonder the Met is the largest art museum in the entire Western Hemisphere. Quite recently, a record number of museumgoers visited it – over 7 million - making it one of the world’s most visited art museums!

Putting on A Show is What Met is Known for

With Andrew Bolton as the head curator for the Met, the museum has created some of the boldest and innovative fashion exhibits – Heavenly Bodies is the most visited exhibition in the MET’s 148 year history surpassing the 1978 Treaures of Tutankhamon. Since fashion is becoming a living art form celebrated by so many we felt this would be a perfect home of our little collection.

Our aim was to dazzle people, so we looked for a place with deep roots. The Met isn’t just quintessentially NY: it is also the most authentic of artists. If there is one thing the museum knows well, it is how to put on a show so we decided we would borrow some of its star-power for our creations.

Well, that sums it up for us. It could not have been any other location than the Met for our photoshoot. Would you blame us for never falling out of love with the place?

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