Why Personalization Matters: A Look at How We Create Special Measure Pieces


When you visit Gramercy Atelier, you bypass mundane shopping methods meant for the masses. You are treated as a unique individual from the very beginning! Throughout the entire experience, whether you want one, or multiple items, we at Gramercy Atelier recognize your needs, your likes and dislikes, and truly collaborate with you to create the articles of clothing and ultimate look you want.  

A major part of making your experience so personalized is the attention to tailoring and the fit of your custom-made clothing. Whether you visit our NYC studio, or interface with us remotely, there is a primary focus placed on those most crucial considerations, fit, quality and design. The intricacies and nuances that are at the forefront of the tailored clothing experience reflect the reality that cookie-cutter approaches to clothing fall way short of what is required for the discerning client.      

Our Creative Director, Maria Pucci, with a client in our Flatiron Showroom

Our Creative Director, Maria Pucci, with a client in our Flatiron Showroom

What you can expect while visiting our showroom  

Joining forces with Gramercy Atelier in order to optimize the experience of selecting the best clothing for you is not only the best choice for quality and compatibility with the look you are seeking, but it is time-efficient as well. Instead of visiting multiple retail stores in a variety of areas, the Gramercy Atelier client enjoys one-stop shopping with dedicated, personalized service and an endless amount of attention and resources, both with materials options and creative ideas. The time saved through this collaboration frees our clients up to enjoy more time with family and enjoying leisure activities rather than wasting it visiting multiple generic clothing outlets.  

We are passionately committed to creating timeless articles of clothing that our clients will treasure forever.  Proper tailoring and perfect fit are at the heart of this process. Current fashion trends value transitional fashion and fast-moving disposable items. These tendencies are geared toward younger customers who are still developing their sense of fashion and are just trying out multiple designers in the hopes of finding a winner. Gramercy Atelier honors the needs of the mature fashion client who knows herself, her likes and her needs.  

You owe it to yourself to try the custom fashion experience offered to you by Gramercy Atelier. Learn more about how to order.