Mastering the Art of Special Occasion Dressing

Special measure dressing is at the heart of everything we do. Every time we meet with a client, our goal is to create an artfully crafted piece that is timeless, and lasts forever. 


Whether you come to our atelier in New York’s Flatiron District, or come to one of our trunk shows, the experience is still the same. Our Creative Director, Maria, sits down with every single one of our clients to make sure that we can create a stunning piece for you that is one of a kind.  

Gianni Jacket in Green Cotton Pique

Gianni Jacket in Green Cotton Pique

We specialize in creating masterpieces for each and every one of our clients. Whether it be for a gala, a wedding, or you need a jacket to accompany your wardrobe this season, we will make you a garment that is unlike anything anyone else has.

First, when sitting down with Maria, she will ask you about the event or function you need your piece for. Is someone in your life getting married and you need a custom gown? Are you going to a luncheon and need a new jacket? These are all points that we take into consideration when creating pieces for you.  

 Next, Maria will ask you about your color choice. What are your favorite colors? What color palettes do you prefer to wear? Is the event during the day or evening? We’ll then show you our collection of the finest prints, fabrics and hand painted buttons so that we can select the color palette for your custom piece.  


From there, Maria will ask you about the fit of your garment. How do you like your clothes to fit? You see, we are fit experts and have experience crafting the finest garments for women sizes 0-20. Garments fit people in different ways, and our goal is to create pieces for you that are tailored to perfection.  

In today’s day in age, with all of the choices out there online and in stores, our goal is to do one thing, alleviate the noise and create beautiful garments for our customers. Garments that are timeless, tailored to perfection and will last forever. At Gramercy Atelier, we think that shopping for special occasions and events can be fun again.