Behind The Curtain: How Gramercy Atelier Creates New Designs 


The process by which we create clothing for our customers is continuously evolving– our goal is to make sure we constantly innovate and come up with new patterns and designs that fit into our customers lives.   

This week we sat down with our, Creative Director Maria Pucci, to walk through her design process, and how she creates new garments and prints.   



Making the Prints  

To begin the process, Maria collects photos she comes across in magazines and on Instagram. She also saves various color combinations that either present themselves to her, or that she creates herself through experimentations. The same holds true for embellishments, trim patterns, or other details she finds in her journeys, both on the road and in her studio.  

The next step in her process is to decide on the shapes that best accommodate these patterns and highlight what is unique to them. Consulting with her expert pattern maker, Maria settles upon basic templates that  serves as the foundation for garments in new Gramercy Atelier collections.

To create stunning new prints and patterns, Maria then heads to New York City’s bustling design district. There she selects fabric swatches that match the colors and patterns that are both in her mind and in the photos she has collected. She also seeks out braids, trims and other accoutrements to help give life to a new collection. Being true to her own singular vision, she considers current trends but focuses on the mantra of being both stylish and timeless, both hallmarks of all of her creations for Gramercy Atelier.  


Making the Garment 

When it comes to creating the perfect, custom garment for Gramercy Atelier’s clients, Maria looks no further than her clients for inspiration.  Many of her clients are informed by past personal experiences with different types of clothing so that they can advise her on what has worked best for them. Listening to her clients, Maria can determine whether their needs can best be met by a long dress or a tailored shirt, or perhaps the addition of a short jacket.  

The two final considerations that contribute to the client’s customized experience is her natural coloring and geographical location. The palette from which the garment’s colors are chosen keeps both of these details firmly in mind. Personal coloring is an obvious factor, and the setting for the event/s to which one will wear the garment also play a significant role - clearly, resort colors won’t be a good option for something that will be worn in both Florida and Greenwich, CT. 

All of these elements contribute to the process through which Maria creates her signature clothing for her clients. It is a timeless adventure that never gets old. The next time you book an appointment, be sure to ask Maria about our latest prints and fabrics so that we can use them as we create your piece.