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The Fortuny Collection

The Fortuny Custom Collection

Since 2007, Maria Pucci had been working with some of the finest textiles in the world, but her first encounter with Fortuny was in 2012 when a long-time customer came to her with an antique Fortuny cape that had been used as a costume for opera performances. The mission at the time was to deconstruct it and create a modern tunic for this customer. That same year, Maria created one of her classic jacket styles for another customer from the Fortuny Caravaggio fabric. After the success of this first jacket made entirely from Fortuny, Maria was commissioned to create several more pieces however the best expression of the style was yet to come.

Rebecca happened to read an article about Gramercy Atelier’s made-to-measure collection in Flower magazine in early 2014. Soon after she was in touch with Maria through Margot Shaw, the magazine’s editor. Rebecca told Maria that she was looking for a designer to help bring a concept to life – would she be the one to execute on it?

Their first jacket collaboration worked out better than expected as Rebecca said she had never met a fashion designer who she trusted to get the final concept just right. Her compulsive perfectionism was matched by Maria’s attention to detail. Rebecca worked on the trim, Maria selected the buttons, and a partnership was in the making.

The antique trim for which Rebecca was known had not been included on the first jacket. For their second effort, they combined the antique trim with the Fortuny Campanelle pattern, and a supreme art piece was born.

Fast forward to 2016, with several informal collaborations behind them, Rebecca came to Charleston for a book signing and also where Maria had set up her new shop in the Historic District there. From cocktail party chatter to something a bit more serious, they decide to launch their collaboration in Summer 2016.

This collection is simultaneously contemporary and vintage—a modern classic borne of old-world history and Maria brings her made-to-measure expertise and extensive knowledge of detail from choosing the perfect lining to selecting the ideal button.


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