frequently asked questions

How does ordering with Gramercy Atelier work?

At Gramercy Atelier, we believe the ordering process should be an enjoyable experience so that when you wear your finished piece you know that there was that something extra that made it special. We begin by inquiring about your taste and preferences to get to know you better. Once we understand what you like, we help you choose from our wide range of fabrics and styling details. If you need a little extra fashion advice, we are more than happy to give you our opinion. Our clients value the expert and honest guidance they receive. Our suggestions will range from the silhouette that works best for your figure to the designs and colors that will be the most flattering. Once we have finalized a design, we take measurements to ensure a precise fit. If any adjustments are needed, we address them at our New York studio.

What fabrics do you offer?

We carry more than 1,000 fabrics from many of the world’s finest mills including Loro Piana, Laurent Garigue, Fortuny and Scalamandre to name just a few. Our Dress Pant fabrics include wool and wool/cashmere blends ranging from Super 100s to Super 200s, as well as seasonal weight and performance blend fabrics. We also carry a washable Seda Cruda silk dress pant.

What if I need an alteration?

We provide lifetime adjustments on all items.

Do you have care and use information?

After wearing one of our pieces, hang it outside your closet overnight so that moisture and odor can escape the fabric. Hang dress pants long-ways from the bottom hem with a pant hanger – this allows the weight of the garment to pull wrinkles out naturally, thus reducing the need for pressing. Jackets should be dry cleaned only if they become physically dirty, and generally should not be cleaned more than a few times a year. If your garment is not visibly dirty but needs a refreshing, use a hand-held steamer or have it hand-pressed by a reputable cleaner. Although proper dry cleaning will not damage an item, far too many cleaners fail to adequately maintain their equipment and often use toxic chemicals in the cleaning process. Moreover, poor quality pressing can make your pieces look tired and damaged after only one pressing. Invest in the best quality dry cleaner in your area to take care of your suits. While a good cleaner is expensive, they will keep everything looking great for a long time.

What if I decide to cancel or change my order?

We make every effort to accommodate our clients to the extent reasonably possible. Once a special measure order is placed and prepaid, we order your fabric. For this reason, if you decide to cancel your order after the fabric has been ordered but before we have made it, there is a restocking fee of 40% of the cost. Once your order has been cut we are unable to make any modifications. Once a special measure order has been submitted, no changes or cancellations can be made.

Do you guarantee your results?

For online orders, if you are not fully satisfied with the fit of your preliminary test garment, a full refund may be requested after you have fit the trial garment. For orders placed in-person, once submitted no changes or cancellations can be made. Because our pieces are specifically made for each client, we cannot accept returns or give refunds.

Should I make an appointment?

We encourage appointments so that each client receives the attention she deserves. We are happy to accommodate same-day fittings whenever space is available, so do not hesitate to call or email us, even at the last minute.

How long will my appointment last?

Appointments typically last 60 minutes for the design consultation. and measuring. The time can vary depending on the person and the nature of the order.