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Gramercy Atelier

Since 2010 


The Partners

Founded by Maria Pucci and Robert Pucciariello in New York City, Gramercy Atelier has been creating perfectly tailored clothing for women since 2010. Maria’s professional experience in fashion began at Fashion Institute of Technology where she was then discovered by Quadrille Couture’s creative director at the time, Magali Benezet. After a brief apprenticeship, Maria took over the position of creative director. Her passion as a designer since those first days has always been: attention to detail, meticulous tailoring and striving for the ultimate high fashion look. Robert, a graduate of Williams College, has always cultivated a worldly outlook due in large part to his Classics and European Art History studies there. He loves to participate in the search for new fabrics especially when travels take them to Italy where he lived for a year studying classical architecture and Italian. He brings his financial acumen to Gramercy Atelier developed from a 15-year career on Wall Street.

The details are not details, they make the product.
— Charles Eames


A Love Affair

The Gramercy Atelier name comes from the place where Maria and Robert had one of their first dates more than 15 years ago - a romantic outing in New York City’s Gramercy Park—and now design at their atelier just steps away.


They are proud to make the entire collection at Gramercy Atelier’s Flatiron District studio and also at their production facility just half a mile away in New York’s design district. Expert craftsmen work from the first fabric cut straight through to the very last stitch. No assembly line, no factory, just old-world care and attention to detail. Whether it is the button that is hand-dyed to match a fabric’s color and sheen or it is a trim—locally sourced at one of the old-time shops tucked away in a secret corner of New York City known only to those in the trade. The only part of a Gramercy Atelier product that does not originate from New York City is the fabric which is typically sourced from a carefully chosen European mill. This is their specialty: to create something that not only looks fabulous but feels amazing since it is made specifically for you.

This is Our Specialty

To Create A Timeless Piece That Looks And Feels Perfect For Any Occasion

Our Collections

The majority of our work is special measure: made for occasions such as Mother of the Bride and various galas and events. We design ensembles based on our client’s schedule and requirements. Need an outfit for a mid-winter party in August? Need to plan a June wedding ensemble in January? Special event happening next month in a location far from home with a different local flavor and weather consideration? Today you have an overwhelming variety of choices—especially when it comes to fashion shopping—whether at a full-service department store or online with an unlimited number of eCommerce websites. But even if you succeed in finding the perfect outfit, you are then challenged with getting it to fit perfectly. All of this can lead to an unpleasant experience. At Gramercy, we like to think that shopping for that special occasion can be fun again.

Come To Us

We design for your color, silhouette & the occasion